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Streamline your IT Asset Management with Solarwinds

SolarWinds Service Desk’s fully integrated IT asset management program offers the most effective features and capabilities all within a single online application. Organize the software and hardware including computers, servers, laptops, mobile phones, network equipment, and nearly any other type of technology. Technology asset management, or ITAM, is the process of identifying, monitoring, and controlling an organization’s IT assets. Assets are important to an organization’s performance. There might be contracts, programs, purchases, servers, and hardware.

What is IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

IT asset management can track and manage each asset’s entire life cycle from the moment it is first used until it is retired, plus any modifications made along the way. Without IT asset management, recording an asset’s history could require a laborious process of filling out spreadsheets each time an event happens or a new person becomes responsible for the support. This could be difficult and time-consuming when doing root-cause analysis or incident analysis. Moreover, IT asset management software makes it simple to manage your hardware and software asset inventories, owner assignments, and location information in one place.

Features of SolarWinds IT Asset Management

Cost Management:

Obtaining appropriate IT equipment at a low cost with significant returns. Making the best use of each IT asset when maintenance expenses surpass the asset’s worth, the asset is disposed of. The reduction in costs can help businesses make better investment decisions.

Renewal of Contracts:

Information required to renew contracts and licenses following regulatory requirements. Compiles a thorough and accurate list of all the assets and the people who own them.

Technical Support:

Manage support tickets to assist your assets. They give you accurate information regularly about the technical support needed for your assets. Make more informed judgments regarding the equipment your business needs by looking at the total expenditures related to device management.

Usage of Equipment:

To make sure that your staff members have access to the resources they need to finish their jobs, make sure the proper people are using the right devices and that you routinely update your older equipment.

Benefits of IT Asset Management:

Being as efficient as possible offers significant benefits to IT Asset Management software. Tag and monitor hundreds of hardware attributes on your Windows, iOS, and Chrome OS devices, including software titles, location history, and user. Combining vendor data, warranties, lease terms, and contracts into one location will save you time and ensure that your records are current. By gathering and automatically logging the history of each asset’s incidents, you may cut down on time spent on break fixes and changes to service desk tickets.

Compliance and Exposure:

Maintaining asset compliance helps you maximize IT investments, minimize risks, and operate in a legally compliant environment within regulatory boundaries. Doing this helps boost the exposure of your IT resources within the environment.

Saving Costs:

The whole process helps you cut down on the number of pointless purchases that your organization makes. Doing this consequently boosts your budgeting and cost-effectiveness.


IT asset management helps you take control over the service levels in contracts. It also assists you in programming the automatic renewal of contracts which is beneficial when it comes to the management of an old asset.


Improved management and tracking of IT costs. Oversee all purchases from the point of acquisition to retirement. ITAM makes it simple to manage your hardware and software asset inventories, owner assignments, and location information

Approaches for ITAM:

Combined ITAM Service Desk and Software:

IT specialists can learn about their preferences for self-service and how much money is being spent on asset purchases. Your service desk software will be connected with the best IT asset management software.


In conclusion, SolarWinds Service Desk provides a strong solution for controlling your whole IT infrastructure with its integrated IT asset management program.  Asset tracking helps you control expenses, maintain regulatory compliance, and enhance user experience by monitoring assets from the time of purchase to retirement. Thanks to the smooth interface between IT asset management and the service desk you may make data-driven decisions for upcoming IT investments, optimize workflows, and obtain insightful knowledge about asset utilization. The robust capabilities of SolarWinds Service Desk’s IT asset management program, take charge of your IT environment and empower your company.

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