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How to Activate QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Service?

Have you considered the fact that you must activate the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service? Consequently, how do you buy a QuickBooks Desktop? You must activate the service in QuickBooks by inputting the service key, whether you bought it over the phone or online. Here, we’ve given you all the details you need to know about turning on the payroll service for QuickBooks Desktop. Contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor at +1-844-405-0904 for assistance if you’re still having problems.

You need to know how to activate a payroll service from a retail location in order to continue with the procedure. Refer to the blog if you want to learn more about it.

You should be aware that your payroll service is a subscription. That renews itself automatically by deducting the lesser amounts from your credit card at the beginning of each subscription period. You won’t need to manually pay the amount because your subscription will debit the appropriate amount. You can cancel your payroll membership. Whenever you want and from wherever you are by using the QuickBooks Online Cancellation Tool.

How to Activate QuickBooks Desktop Payroll After Obtaining Your Service Key 

You will get your payroll service key through email from Intuit’s QuickBooks after making a payroll service purchase. The payroll service key must be entered in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll in order to activate the service. If you do not get your payroll service key via email, contact Intuit an email with the information of your product.

Alternatively, you must use the Automated Service Key/ Disc Delivery Key Tool if you don’t have your payroll service key. You can log in using the login for your Intuit Account. The following requirements must be met in order for the automated key tool to function.

  • There are various payroll orders associated with your firm in the QuickBooks System.
  • You have obtained a payroll product from a retail outlet.
  • Your specified business phone number did not correspond to the data in QuickBooks.

Using the Service Key in QuickBooks Desktop

The following steps must be completed in the specified order without interruption in order to input the Service key in QuickBooks Desktop. View the following actions:

  • From the Employees menu, select Payroll, and then press Enter Service Key.
  • You are requested to indicate if you are willing to add this file to your payroll subscription if you already have one if you already have one.

Note: In order to add the file to an existing payroll subscription, you must select the Add File option or click the Skip option to access the Service key window.

  • Select “Add” by clicking.
  • Manually enter the service key, then select the following action.

Note: You will see a screen prompting for configuration.

  • Hit the finish button at the end.

Your payroll subscription is verified by QuickBooks Desktop, which also assists you in downloading the most recent tax tables.

Payroll Centre

The Payroll Centre can be found on the Employees menu after entering your Payroll service key in QuickBooks Desktop. Using the Payroll Centre as your base of operations will allow you to pay employees, pay payroll taxes and responsibilities, and prepare your payroll tax forms. 

Steps for Accessing the Payroll Centre

Select the Employees menu and then click on the Payroll Centre to launch it. 

The same task can also be completed by selecting the Employee Centre and then the Payroll tab.

Customers that have QuickBooks Desktop Payroll (Basic, Standard, Enhanced, or Assisted) subscriptions are the only ones who have access to the Payroll Centre.

pay tab for employees 

You can do this using the following commands from the Pay Employees tab:

  • You can compensate your workers.
  • Payroll schedules are simple to set up.
  • You may issue an unexpected paycheck, such as a bonus or termination cheque.
  • A paycheck can be changed or revoked.

Liabilities Pay Tab

You can accomplish this by selecting the Pay Liabilities tab, which is described below:

  • Taxes can be paid in addition to payroll obligations.
  • You can set up payroll taxes and other taxes.

Tab File Forms

You can do this by selecting the File Forms tab, as seen below:

  • You can prepare and file payroll tax returns from the File Forms tab.

You must consult the completed payroll tax forms if you want to learn more details about the same subject.

Your Payroll Subscription: How to Manage It

to gather more data about your managing payroll subscription and maintain the accuracy of your information. You need to understand:

  • How to control your payroll membership
  • How to access the most recent updates to the QuickBooks Payroll tax table and tax forms
  • How to restart your payroll subscription or renew it

Important QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Topics

The following are all things you need to know how to perform when using QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

  • How to add or modify a payroll service key
  • How to add an EIN to an existing QuickBooks Standard or Enhanced Subscription payroll subscription

How to use QuickBooks to manage your account, products, and subscriptions. 

for more go through it.



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