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Camberley Is a Town In Surrey, England

Camberley is a town in Surrey, England. It is located at the foot of the North Downs, from which it derives its name. The town has been described as “the most pleasant place to live in the whole of Britain”. The area surrounding Camberley has been inhabited for more than 4,000 years and there are signs of human settlement around 200 BC. Roman remains have been found close by at Durnford Hill fort and soldiers from Legio II Augusta were stationed there during the conquest of Britain under Emperor Claudius in AD43.

It has a population of 37,000

Camberley is a town in Surrey, England. It has a population of 37,000 people and is the second-largest town in Surrey after Guildford. Camberley was once a major settlement in the Anglo-Saxon period as it was recorded by Bede in his “Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum” (History of the English People), which was completed around 731 AD. The town thrived during this time due to its position at one end of Roman Britain’s main highway leading from London down through Hampshire towards Winchester – hence why it became known as ‘Camberlesgate’.

The name means ‘Camber or clearing with trees’ and there are many examples around today including one near Powderham Castle along with several others around St Paul’s Cathedral itself!

It is located on the A30 road in Surrey, England

Camberley is located on the A30 road in Surrey, England. It is a town with a population of approximately 23,000 people and covers an area of 22.35 square miles (57 km2). The town has many amenities including shopping centers, restaurants, and pubs for all tastes.

It is located next to Guildford which was once its rival but now has become one of its biggest contributors to tourism in Camberley as well as being home to some businesses like Selfridges department store which opened there in 2011 after moving from London due to high rent prices there at that time period when it opened up shop here instead where they were able to save money while still getting access their favorite brands without having to travel too far away from home base either way because both towns are right beside each other so if someone wants something then they can just walk across their backyard fence instead

The town has a population of 8,749

Camberley is a historic town in Surrey, England. It has a population of just over 8,000 and it’s one of the fastest-growing towns in the UK.

Camberley was originally called Cumberland and was established as a village around 1100 AD by monks from nearby Guildford Abbey. The town grew slowly until it became one of England’s largest wool towns during the 18th century due to its proximity to London and its access to waterways for transporting goods by boat or canal system (which later became part of what we now know as railroads).

By 1850 there were approximately 10,000 people living within Camberley but this figure has been decreasing ever since; today there are just under 7,000 residents left!

Technically Camberley is a town in Surrey

Camberley is a town in Surrey, England. It has a population of 37,000 and is located on the A30 road in Surrey, England.

The town was originally called “Camber” before being renamed Camberley by William de Warenne (the Earl of Surrey) after he had been granted land there by King Henry I in 1143. The people of Camberley have always been proud to be associated with this famous place name with its origins going back many centuries!

In 1650 during the English Civil War Charles II ordered that “Camberly” become “Cambrelay” which means ‘calf enclosure’ because he thought it sounded better than ‘Camberley’. However, his favorite nickname remained so even after he became king again in 1660 when Charles II died unexpectedly leaving an infant heir who would never reach maturity or rule over England himself – hence why we now know him as Prince Charles instead!

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