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9mm Bulk Ammo for Target Shooting: What to Look for

Buying a couple of packs of 50 rounds off the shelf at the local gun shop is not the way to stock up for high-volume shooting, target practice, or even competition.

Getting a deal on 9mm bulk ammo is the way to do it. You just need to be sure you buy smart, because you don’t want to end up with hundreds if not thousands of rounds of ammo that don’t work well for your intended purpose.


Naturally price is a consideration here. Crunch the per-unit cost of a bulk 9mm ammo purchase right out of the gate. If it’s not cheaper than you could get those rounds for at a lower count, then move on. It’s not a bulk deal, it’s a trick.


Recoil is another important thing to consider in a bulk ammo purchase, and for two good reasons.

One is that recoil, which is partially a factor of propellant charge and load data, will determine how reliably your gun cycles. Low-velocity rounds, which produce less recoil, can be notoriously unreliable in semi-autos. If you shoot a revolver it’s no big deal, though.

The other is because recoil will impact how you shoot, and for how long you can shoot comfortably. If you are recoil sensitive, it makes sense to go with a lighter load.

If you need a tip, just look at muzzle energy, which is usually disclosed on the box or in the product listing. The lower the number, the lower the recoil.


Both FMJ and TSJ (full metal jacket and total synthetic jacket, respectively) ammo can be good for high-volume target shooting.

In the first instance, FMJ is highly affordable and generally accurate and consistent. It also offers optimal penetration characteristics and helps protect your bore from lead fouling.

The other, total synthetic jacket, also helps protect your bore from lead but is often fully encased, offering better protection against lead fouling and exposure. This can make it better for indoor range training, but it comes at a higher price.


One potential option you might want to look for are wadcutter bullets, which have a flat nose. These punch cleaner holes in paper targets, which makes them better for scoring purposes.

Reloadable Brass (or a Cheap Alternative)

If you’re a reloader, buy 9mm bulk ammo loaded into reloadable brass cases, unless you are looking for a cheap alternative to keep costs down – and you may be. Some popular alternatives that are cheaper (but not reloadable), look for an aluminum or steel-cased 9mm ammo.

Accuracy (Ask Shooters or Read Reviews for More Details)

You also want to make sure you’re getting a good round for the money, so if you aren’t familiar with a bulk deal, look up the brand and read reviews or ask shooters you know and see what their experience has been.

Where to Get 9mm Bulk Ammo Online?

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