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8 Things to Know Before Getting Smp Hair Treatment

Scalp micropigmentation or you can simply say SMP. Both are similar. An SMP hair treatment is becoming a prominent choice among individuals these days. The reason is that it is a non-surgical hair loss treatment that is really effective. It can restore your self-confidence that has been lost due to hair loss problems. This works to form an illusion of natural hair follicles on your scalp. However, there are some important things to know about this treatment before you get it. So, look at 8 things that you must know about SMP.

SMP does not grow hairs

Most individuals believe that SMP is a hair growth treatment for scalp hair restoration. But this is not true at all. It is not a hair growth treatment but only creates an impression of naturally growing follicles. If you have full baldness on your head, then this can hide your bald scalp with pigment colors. The pigmented hairs will not grow like natural hairs. But they will only give a look of a fuller head with short hair.

SMP is a professional treatment

This is a professional cosmetic treatment that you cannot get from your hairstylist. The procedure requires utmost precision as it works with pigmentation colors. The technician would require the machine to be used on your scalp to fill the scalp with colors. This will create the impression of hairs that will cover your baldness.

SMP is permanent

This is a permanent hair loss solution since you only need it once to cover your baldness. The use of high-quality colors will match the color of your scalp. It will also not become discolored with time. However, you may have to undergo a touch-up session to restore the light SMP pigmentation to revive your looks.

Painless procedure

Unlike surgical hair restoration procedures, scalp micropigmentation is not a painful treatment. It works with a tiny and professional needle to fill pigments on the scalp. It is also less discomforting than getting a traditional tattoo on the skin. However, the technician might apply topical anesthesia to your scalp to reduce the discomfort. You can get this treatment while staying conscious and can see the visible results.

Instant procedure

It is truly an impressive advantage of getting SMP hair treatment. This treatment can provide you with instant results without even waiting for 24 hours. A surgical hair restoration treatment cannot provide you with immediate results. But with SMP, you can see hairs on your bald scalp instantly when the procedure is over. The micro pigments will create the look of short hairs on your head. The color of the tattoo will match your scalp color, which will create more natural-looking results. So, this is an admirable cosmetic treatment that is available on the market.

Choose your style

Before getting the scalp micropigmentation treatment, you can select your unique hairline style. You can consult with a hair surgeon and can discuss your specific requirements. The surgeon can provide you with before and after pictures of previous clients. It can give you a wonderful idea about how you can look after the procedure. Moreover, you can also view computerized graphics as per your desired hairline before undergoing the treatment. It enables you to achieve desired outcomes with this procedure that brings satisfaction.

Hide scars on the scalp

SMP is not a viable solution to kick out hair loss problems with illusioned hair follicles. But it is an advanced treatment to get treatment for hiding the scars on the scalp. If you had a surgical procedure on your head, then the scars will possibly appear on the scalp. So, you can get this treatment to hide the scar efficiently. In addition, you can prefer this procedure to get after FUT hair restoration. This procedure usually leaves a linear scar on the donor area. So, you can hide this scar with scalp micropigmentation. This treatment can effectively conceal the scar to give you a natural-looking hair restoration result.

It is worthwhile

Scalp micropigmentation is no doubt a worthwhile solution to the hair loss problem. The reason is that it can give you freedom from caps, wigs, and topicals forever. You can get nice-looking hairs on the scalp with pigments that can stay for 3 years on the head. The cost of this treatment is also lower than surgical procedures, and there is no recovery time.

To sum up

You can make your hair restoration efforts valuable by getting SMP hair treatment. This is a remarkable cosmetic procedure that works to make an attractive look for hairs on the head. However, you have to keep your head clean-shaved with this procedure. But it can restore your looks to improve your confidence and compliment your style. You must get it done by an expert hair surgeon.


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