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4 Best Restaurants in Providence, RI — Top-Rated Places to Eat!

Geographically speaking, Providence is one of the smallest cities in the United States.

But best believe that its food scene packs a big punch and is a mecca for all food buffs.

Providence is a front-runner when it comes to the most scrumptious seafood dishes — from clam cakes to Rhode Island-style calamari to creamy clam chowder — a delight for all seafood lovers.

Apart from its freshest and tastiest crustacean dishes, Providence boasts a divine selection of Italian food that will surely make you mouth water.

And have you heard of the city’s infamous coffee milk?

If you haven’t, you should definitely do — especially if you’re a coffee lover like us.

I mean — who doesn’t love coffee, right?

With all the delicious food this city has to offer, it’s a must that you try out some of the best restaurants in Providence listed below.

1. East Side Pocket

Opened in 1997, East Side Pocket brings the bold flavors of the Middle East to Providence.

This restaurant offers an array of unique dishes, such as Falafel, Lahamajeen, and some tasty Baklava.

2. Los Andes

Established in 2009, Los Andes provides its customers with an impeccable Southern American dining experience through its delicious menu.

3. Sakura Restaurant

Considered one of the top Providence restaurants, Sakura Restaurant has become a go-to for locals in and tourists since it offers scrumptious gourmet meals that keep them coming back.

4. Gracie’s

Situated in the heart of Downtown Providence, Gracie’s provides a luxurious dining experience for its customers through its impressive gourmet modern American dishes.



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