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10 Things To Do In Sutton

Sutton is a beautiful town with plenty of history, great shopping and restaurants, and much more. There are lots to see and do in Sutton, so if you’re looking for a new place to visit then look no further than here!

Explore Sutton’s history

Sutton is a historic town. It’s also a place with great historical importance, as well as a rich cultural heritage and architectural heritage. In addition to all that, Sutton has an abundance of natural beauty to explore too!

The history of Sutton is set out in detail at the local museum: it tells the story of how it was built over centuries until it became an important town during medieval times when kings came here for hunting parties. Sutton’s history dates back over 400 years; this means you can learn all about what your ancestors did while living here!

Visit the beautiful parkland

Sutton Parkland is a green space in Sutton, which means it’s a popular place for people to go for walks. It has many different plants and trees, so it is also a good place for looking at the nature around you. This parkland is especially popular with dog owners because of its large areas where dogs can run free without being afraid of other animals or people nearby. There are lots of paths that lead through this parkland so you can walk around as long as you like!

Visit historical landmarks

Sutton House is a Tudor manor house built in 1501 by Sir George Edmund and demolished in the 1770s. Built on the site of an earlier manor house, it was owned by the Nevill family until they sold it to Thomas Sutton (1517-1588), who added an extension to create two wings around a courtyard with two kitchens at either end, creating one large dining room. The house has been restored using original materials and features many fine features including carved oak ceilings, fireplaces, and parquet floors.

Shop In The Town Center

Sutton town center is a great place to shop. There are lots of shops in the town and you can find everything you need here. There are also many places to eat in the town center, such as cafes, restaurants, and takeaways. If you’re looking for something different then why not try some ice cream? You’ll find plenty of places where they sell delicious desserts from around the world!

The best thing about shopping in Sutton is that there’s so much choice! It’s easy to get lost browsing around all these shops but luckily there are plenty of signs which tell us what each store sells!

Take a stroll around the lake and parkland

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your time in Sutton, then take a stroll around the lake and parkland. The lake is only about 4 miles away from the town center. It has been designated as an ecotourism site by the National Trust and can be accessed by foot or by bike.

If you want to walk around the parkland, there are plenty of routes available that will take you through meadows filled with cowslips and bluebells in springtime. You could also climb up onto one of Sutton’s many hills where there are views over both countryside & city alike!

Look out for wildlife and birds of prey.

Sutton is a great place to look out for wildlife and birds of prey. You can see the red kites, buzzards, and storks while you’re at it!

Also, be sure to check out Sutton’s hedgehogs as they are everywhere in the town. If you have time on your hands, try walking around in the afternoon when most things are sleeping (like squirrels).

You might also want to look out for foxes who roam around here at night time so keep an eye on those bags if you want them safe from harm!

Go mountain biking or hiking on Leamington Hill.

Mountain biking and hiking are two of the best ways to get a great workout in Sutton. Both involve going up a hill on a bike, then descending down it at high speeds. This can be done on either single-track trails or multi-use trails like those used for hiking and biking.

Mountain biking is also known as “mountain biking” because most people do it off-road—that’s where the word “off” comes from! The best place for mountain bikers in Sutton is Leamington Hill, which offers multiple routes through beautiful forests with amazing views of Lake Ontario (itself an excellent place to go mountain biking).

Sutton Castle

Sutton Castle is a medieval castle in the town of Sutton, Surrey. It was built in the 11th century and has been used as a fortress, as well as being home to many notable people throughout history.

It lies within Borough Green Park near the River Mole and can be seen from several vantage points around town. The castle has been Grade I listed since 1974 and is now managed by English Heritage under their guardianship scheme for historic monuments

Sutton House

Sutton House is a Grade I listed building in Sutton, West Midlands. It was built in the 16th century and is now a museum.

It used to be owned by William Sutton, who was born around 1550 and died around 1644. He served as an officer in the Royal Navy during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign (ruled 1558–1603).

Orchard Mill

Orchard Mill is a Grade II listed building that was built in 1817. The mill was converted into a restaurant in 1996, but it still retains many of its original features. The interior of the restaurant is beautifully decorated with beams and blue tiles, while tables are set out on wooden floors which has made it one of Sutton’s most popular restaurants.

The food here is both delicious and affordable so if you are looking for somewhere to eat then Orchard Mill should definitely be at the top of your list!

Traveling in Sutton With Sutton Taxis

Sutton Taxis is a local taxi firm that has been operating in Sutton since 1930. The company is run by the third generation of the family and is still owned by them today, which makes it a family business with an approachable approach. They offer affordable prices and friendly service from drivers who know their way around the area, so you can be sure that your trip will go smoothly wherever you’re going in Sutton.


Sutton is a place to visit and it’s not just because of all the history there. It’s also because of the beautiful nature, amazing food, and friendly people who live here. If you are looking for some fun things to do in Sutton then these are definitely worth checking out!

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