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Reasons Why You Should Service Your Car Regulary

Reasons Why You Should Service Your Car Regulary – Servicing a car can sometimes look like paying for nothing, but the truth is that all vehicles require regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs and maximising efficiency (including older vehicles).

Reasons Why You Should Service Your Car Regulary

It Maintains The Manufactures Warranty

One of the most important reasons for scheduled service work by an accredited mechanic is that manufacturers require this in line with their car maintenance guidelines. Failure to comply may invalidate your warranty, resulting in you having to fork out money for repairs which otherwise would be covered by the manufacturer. It is, therefore, a good idea to familiarise yourself with not only when your car is due for its next service but also with the exact parts which will need to be replaced.

It Keeps Your Car Working Efficently

Regularly serviced cars work at their maximum efficiency returning better mpg and using less oil. Replacing tear and wear parts such as oil filters and spark plugs prevents dirt build-up, avoiding long-term mechanical engine issues. In short, a car maintained in good running order will offer the most cost-effective and problem-free way to own a car whilst ensuring the longevity of the engine.

It Can Save You Money

Adhering to the correct manufacturer’s service intervals will ensure the best possible fuel economy, so will save you money daily! This is achieved by maintaining a good working standard of brakes, tyres and engine components.

It Protects The Car’s Value

A car is likely one of the most expensive household purchases you will ever make, so it makes sense to protect such a financial outlay as best as possible. This not only includes looking after the inside or outside of your car but also the mechanical side of the vehicle. Having your car serviced regularly helps to maintain its value resulting in a higher sale price when selling the car (often more so than good bodywork).


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